VRC Pro: Betatest im November?


Die Entwicklung von Virtual RC Pro scheint in die heiße Phase zu gehen. Nach über fünf Jahren Entwicklungszeit soll die RC Car-Simulation Ende November in den Beta-Status wechseln und anschließend von ausgewählten VRC-Nutzern getestet werden. Momentan werden noch letzte Arbeiten an VRC Pro vorgenommen, um den Betatest starten zu können. Einen genauen Termin für den Release der finalen Version gibt es allerdings noch nicht.

The VRC Pro team successfully concluded the long awaited alpha test in the 2nd week of October. The alpha test is an all-out internal test of all the processes on game, website and database level and precedes the external beta test. Although there are still areas that need work and fine-tuning, we can say that we are at approx. 96% of what is needed for beta test and eventually launch. At this moment the team is working on final component configuration to accommodate the trial and full user levels, some account issues (especially transaction reporting) and optimizing the VRC World social network community.

The team is optimistic at launching the external beta test towards the end of November. Beta testers will be selected from the active VRC v3 member base, not necessarily the top racers only as we also need the feedback from the beginning and average user. Besides testing the game features the beta testers will also have to test all the features of the VRC World social network and report back to special beta test forums about their findings. The beta testers will keep their membership after the beta test and will eventually be asked to invite 3 or 5 of their (racing) friends to join VRC Pro. In this way the VRC Pro team will be able to monitor all the processes closely and make last minute adjustments before to open up VRC Pro to the world. Finally the release of VRC Pro is downing, after more than 5 years of extremely hard work by the whole team. We know you can’t wait, well, we can’t either…

Pieter Bervoets

Quelle: Virtual RC News

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