Truggy-Version der JConcepts Cross Hairs


JConcepts stellt die Cross Hairs nun auch in einer Version für 1:8-Truggys vor.

Die Reifen passen auf 3.7”-Felgen und sind in verschiedenen Gummimischungen erhältlich.

Cross Hairs – Half-ups Features:

  • Erhältlich in extra weicher gelber und mittelweicher/weicher blauer Gummimischung
  • Kreuzweise angeordnetes Cross Hair-Profil
  • Inklusive ausgeformter Force-1-Reifeneinlagen – nur 40 Gramm schwer
  • Leichtes Reifendesign – je Reifen nur 120 Gramm

Teile-Nummer # – 3025 – Cross Hairs – Half-ups – Yellow  and Blue compounds

JConcepts is on target with the Cross Hairs, a new multi-purpose tire for 1/8th trucks.  The totally unique Crossing lug technology combined with the sticky compounds, like yellow and blue, allow the flexibility necessary to compete on a multitude of the most demanding surfaces for an extended period of time.  Cross Hairs have been specifically enlarged for 1/8th truck racing with added center bars for unparalleled traction and wear characteristics.  Cross Hairs are narrow, light weight and durable which has made them a driver favorite since the prototype stages of racing development.  Ultra sleek and light weight Force-1 inserts complete the package to make the Cross Hairs an unbeatable combination.

Cross Hairs are good to the last drop as the design allows even wear all the way down to the tire body.  Cross Hairs incorporate a compact tire body with a crisp crossing tread pattern with precise separation for intense racing competition.

Cross Hairs excel on soft or hard surfaces with either dry or wet conditions. Cross Hairs are the ideal tire for wet and loamy tracks and also blue grooved conditions for long main events. 

The Cross Hairs have been one of the most successful tires since their initial testing and development.  Test driver Ryan Maifield states – “the Cross Hairs are the best tires available for 1/8th truck, they are narrow light weight and have surpassed all my expectations in terms of durability.  The Cross Hairs are my favorite truggy tire by far”.

Cross Hairs Debut Victoriously

JConcepts driver Ryan Maifield TQ’ed and won the 2008 Manufacturers Cup in front of largest spectator audience ever recorded at an R/C race track.   3000+ spectators watched as Ryan Maifield dazzled the crowd with his brilliant driving and event win with JConcepts Cross Hairs.

JR Mitch using the Cross Hairs won the 2008 JConcepts Clash.  JR used the same set of tires for the complete event throughout 3 qualifiers and 30 minute A-main event.   “JR states”, this was my first event using the Cross Hairs on my truggy.  Are you kidding me?  I have tried everything and these are the best truggy tires on the market.   I ran the same set of blue compound Cross Hairs all weekend and they are still in great condition.  This is great news for truggy drivers looking for that all-around tire that is easy on the budget”. 

Brutal is no competition for JConcepts.

Via: RCeasy

Quelle: JConcepts

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