X Factory SCX–60 Conversion Kit bald erhältlich


Das SCX–60 Conversion Kit für den SC10 und den T4 ist bald in kleiner Stückzahl über den X Factoy-Shop erhältlich. Das Mittelmotor-Umbaukit beinhaltet ein neues, handgemachtes Chassis, welches aus einem verlängerten X-60 Chassis besteht. Neben einem Umbau-Set für den SC10 wird auch ein T4-Kit inklusive J Concepts “Truth”-Karosse und die SC-Bumper und Nerf-Bars zu haben sein.

Ein Prototyp des neuen SCX–60. In der Mitte sieht man gut die Kohlefaser-Platten, die die Chassishälften fest zusammenhalten.


X Factory will soon release the SCX – 60 Conversion Kits. Two Kits will convert either the AE T4 or the SC10 to a mid-motor SCX – 60. The new S.C. is based on the successful X Factory X – 60 mid-motor truck. Kits will be available soon on the X Factory website and at many fine hobby stores.

These Kits will be limited production items because the chassies will be hand made one-at-a-time by Speedy Dad in Phoenix, Ariz. X Factory ships two X – 60 chassies to Speedy Dad; he cuts each into two parts using a special jig. One has a long front end and the other a long rear end. Dad then mixes special “graphite” glue and glues the two long parts together to make an SCX – 60 chassis. Another jig is used to insure the result is straight and true.

After the chassies are together and dry, Dad uses his C.N.C. mill to accurately cut three pieces of carbon fiber which are glued into the floor of the chassis and two more small pieces which go on the side rail. Speedy Dad has been doing this for almost two years for various X Factory prototypes, and only one has ever broken at the joint, that in a terrible crash into the wall on the main straight with a mod buggy. Speedy Dad numbers each one by hand.

X Factory has been selling a few of these Kits over the last two months by E-mail, but now Speedy Dad will ramp up production a bit and X Factory will stock a small number so they can be ordered from the web site like all other X Factory Kits. The Kits also come with a C.N.C. machined rear bumper mount from the X Factory mill.

The T4 Conversion Kit will contain a J Concepts “Truth” short course body and the SC bumpers and nerf bars, so it will be priced more than the SC10 Conversion Kit. The SC10 Kit will contain no body because the customer can re-use his existing SC10 body and the customer already has the bumpers and nerf bars.

Short Course trucks are longer than 1/10 trucks. On a rear motor SC truck this means the “pendulum effect” of the rear motor is greater. Therefore, the advantage of mid-motor is more pronounced in Short Course than in buggy or truck. The SCX – 60 is just dialed!

Quelle: X Facotory RC

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  1. Ich dachte immer das sich das Mittelmotorkonzept nie richtig durchgesetzt hat im Offroadbereich?!
    Aber das bringt ganz schön Platz muss ich sagen, sieht aus als ob die Hälfte fehlen würde xD

  2. zum thema mittelmotor im offroad bereich:
    in der halle und auf manchen rasenstrecken werden viele mittelmotor wagen gefahren