JACO World GT Spec-Reifen


Im Rahmen der International Indoor Championships in Las Vegas/USA wurden von JACO neue Pan Car-Räder vorgestellt.

Die im Carbonlook gehaltenen Felgen sind speziell für die World GT-Klasse hergestellt und mit Lilac-Reifen versehen.

Due to the overwhelmingly positive response we received at the IIC race for our lilac compound handout tires, we have decided to immediately release these in an effort to help foster this exciting new class. We will produce only lilac front and rear on the „carbon fiber“ style wheel for easy identification. We will release part numbers and pricing later this week. The tires will begin shipping to distributors early next week.
Hopefully, we will be able to eliminate tires as a variable by offering this wheel/tire combo to anyone interested in running a World GT spec class.

JAC2100- Front control tire (Lilac) $16.00pr retail
JAC2110- Rear control tire (Lilac) $20.00pr retail

Quelle: R/C Tech-Forum

Bildquelle: RC50.com

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